About Us has been providing refuge for abandoned pets for some time now. At any given moment we have hundreds of pets that are waiting for their chance to have a place that they can call home. Our pets receive the best care and therefore they are always in excellent health condition. We have a team of pet handlers who ensure that our pets are well trained and have a likable personality and these pets are just waiting to be taken home. Why not you visit our website and choose one today? Your decision will make a great difference in one pet's life.
Teaching your dog to give you her paw or to shake hands on command is a cute trick that is both impressive and endearing to onlookers. To teach this trick, some dog training is required, though you may not need to consult your professional to master it. Dogs who are prone to “pawing” (using their paws to play and/or to gain attention) are best suited for this trick, though other dogs can be trained easily as well. Once this trick is mastered, there are variations that can be taught, including the “high five” and the “wave.”

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